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Not seaglass, but still glass, this new branch of Seaberry Moon offers gifts that are not only useful and beautiful, they are also perfect for anyone looking for eco-friendly glassware which is funky to boot! 


This beautiful green tealight holder has been made from the top of a repurposed wine bottle, and sits on a round piece of padded slate. Saved from the fate of the bottle bank, the bottle is cut, sanded, rounded and polished by hand to create a safe and smooth finish.


Tealight holder measures approx 195mm tall.



As well as being repurposed by hand, Old Bottle Bay glassware up-cycles waste bottles that are salvaged from the brink of extinction and, as such, may bear the smallest of scars and scratches from their previously troubled life.  Whilst every effort has been taken to remove the most unsightly of these blemishes, some tiny-weeny imperfections may persist. That said, please rest assured that the rims of all glassware has been polished to a perfectly safe and smooth finish, and that each item will be finished to the highest standard, and will not disappoint any eco-warrior who has their heart set on a sustainable and unique piece of glassware.

This Little Light

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