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About Seaberry Moon

Sunrise on Seaham beach
a piece of blue and clear seaglass ontop of two large pebblees on Seaham beach, with the horizon out of focus in the background
me wearing a red poloneck with windswept hair on a beach in Cornwall

There's something about the sea that both calms and exhilarates me. Whether the waves are crashing ferociously into a harbour wall or lapping gently and enticingly at my bare feet, I feel at home and at peace.

Imagine my delight then, when I discovered the added allure of sea glass - old, broken bottles and suchlike that have somehow found their way into the sea. Hunting, collecting and creating - a whole barrel full of happy at the place I love to be - what more could I ask for!

After decades of being pounded, churned, tumbled and smoothed by the sea and sand, each piece of glass I use in my creations happened one day to end up on the shore at my feet - okay, sometimes I have to dig a little, but even so I think that's pretty awesome! 

Due to the unique nature of seaglass, not even a pair of earrings can be perfectly matched - that is not to say though, that they can’t still be perfect! What it does mean however is that when you choose a Seaberry Moon piece, you can be certain that nobody else - anywhere - has a creation exactly like yours! Even a piece of artwork, or a pendant that has been inspired by another will be truly individual to you. 

When you purchase one of my sea glass designs, not only will you be choosing a treasure that has been beautifully crafted by sand and sea, you will also be choosing a piece of history with a story and a life of its own.

I create all my work in my home workshop in Stonehaugh, Northumberland, and I use only genuine sea glass, collected by myself from British beaches in my creations. All chains and findings are 925 silver, unless otherwise stated.

small pieces of sea glass in the palm of my hand, some of them drilled, with a drill in the background

To own a Seaberry Moon creation is to share a piece of my happy place, and I hope each creation brings with it its own little sprinkle of joy.

Values & Ethics

Handpainted world with seaglass people linking hands circling the outside

It is important to me that my business is both environmentally friendly and ethically sound.Whenever I go to a beach to collect sea glass, I also collect as much rubbish as I can physically carry and dispose of it responsibly when I get home. In order to reduce my impact on the environment, I spend as much time as I can at the beach on each trip to avoid making more journeys than necessary. Sometimes this means I am at the beach for up to eight hours (daylight and tides permitting), making the most of the opportunity to collect as much as I can in one trip. 

Wherever possible I use recycled/recyclable packaging. Likewise, for the creations themselves I use acid-free paper for all my art work and wherever possible for the stationery I print at home. I buy from within the UK as much as I can, both to support more local industries and to minimise my own impact on shipping emissions. 

There is always more I can do, and I am constantly looking for more ways to care for and protect our planet. 


In 2021 I aim to move entirely to recyclable packaging (parcel tape, etc) and also to find a way to recycle the sterling silver scraps that I produce while creating my jewellery. If you have any further ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send me a message.

Finally, in order for my own business to be ethically sound, it is important to me that the materials I use in my creations are also responsibly sourced. I will continue to seek out suppliers and manufacturers who share similar values to Seaberry Moon in order to uphold my standards whilst creating affordable and unique sea glass art, jewellery and gifts.

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