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Three perfect seaberries from Seaham*, attatched to small sterling silver rings with a sterling silver feather and linked onto a sterling silver bracelet. Whether you're looking for a gift or you just want to treat yourself, this  is perfect for everyday wear, and different enough that you'll feel special everyday!



Measuring 8",  with a 1 inch extension this comes beautifully presented in an organza bag and a pillow box. 


* World renowned amongst sea glass lovers, Seaham beach yields some of the most sought after sea glass pieces. 


The Londonderry Bottleworks, which operated from the 1850s to 1921, was the largest in Britain, producing up to 20,000 hand-blown bottles every day. At the end of each day, waste glass was dumped into the North Sea which obviously would be frowned upon in this day and age.


However, over 100 years later, the colourful glass that can be found - beautifully smoothed and shaped by the rough North Sea - truly are gems to be treasured. 

Now and Then

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