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These stunning Christmas trees are carefully and lovingly made with seaglass picked from UK beaches (mainly from Portishead, UK).


These trees make a stunning centre piece for any table or sideboard, as well as being perfect to give as a gift to anyone who, like me, loves a little Christmas sparkle and magic. 


Each tree will be made to order, glass permitting, so please allow up to two weeks for each order to be complete.


Due to the nature of seaglass, all finished products will vary from the pictures shown above, but I can guarantee that each tree will be made with the same meticulous care and attention, and as with all Seaberry Moon creations, each tree will have a name as unique as itself. 


Choose from a selection of seafoam, green, clear or clear and green.


Each tree is built around a 10cm cardboard/mache cone and is finished with a dash of biodegradable glitter (optional) and a piece of yellow seaglass, milk-glass or sea pottery. The finished product measures approx 11.5cm tall, 

Seaberry Christmas

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