At Seaberry Moon my passion is all about seaglass and the beautiful things that can be made from old broken bottles and suchlike that have somehow found their way into the sea.

After decades of being pounded, churned, tumbled and smoothed by the sea and sand, each piece of glass I use in my creations happened one day to end up on the shore at my feet - okay, sometimes I have to dig a little, but even so - I think that's pretty awesome!

Due to the unique nature of seaglass, not even a pair of earrings can be perfectly matched - that is not to say though, that they can’t still be perfect! What it does mean however is that ​when you choose a Seaberry Moon piece, you can be certain that nobody else - anywhere - has a creation exactly like yours! Even a piece of artwork, or a pendant, that has been inspired by another will be truly individual to you. 


In order to reflect this individuality and distinctive quality, each piece I create has its own name.

Finally, everything in my shop has been lovingly designed, and carefully crafted in my home (garage) studio which, unfortunately, is nowhere near the sea!


So, have a rummage, and find that special one-off piece that is waiting just for you!

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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